Benford ECO-UV

Benford ECO-UV

    Benford ECO-UV - it is energy efficient, retrofittable UV curing system

    This low energy UV technology uses special mercury lamps giving out a specific frequency. It must be used in conjunction with low energy inks and coatings (HUV).

    - Lower energy consumption (50-60% less than conventional UV)
    - Lowest cost outlay
    - Low heat emissions, perfect for curing heat sensitive substrates
    - Super high gloss HUV coatings available
    - Suitable too for LED UV inks

    Benford UV specialise in the design and manufacturing of UV curing systems for the printing and packaging industries. We have a wide range of both UV & IR drying systems to offer. All of them are based on a modular, compact and solid state design that provide multiple advantages over alternate designs on the market. We offer turnkey projects incl. installation and  training of your staff.  Just refer to refferences for our sattisfied customer all over the world.

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Benford ECO-UV

energy efficient UV

Installation options:

end of press dryer

interdeck dryer on perfecting and end of press dryer.

other variants in according to the customer needs, as example after 1st printing unit and end of press dryer.

As a UV system manufacturer, Benford UV provide a fully supported solution, right through from design to installation and maintenance. We provide expert, professional fitting of the systems and efficient commissioning that minimises production downtime for our customers.

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