About Us

Paradowski Graphische Maschinen SIA is located in Riga, Latvia in the geographic center of the Baltic States, company with its history of 30 years in the market of the preowned and new polygraphic equipment, servicing customers all over the world. We started one of the first and still we are one of the Baltic States largest international dealer in used equipment for printing and converting industry, produced by Heidelberg, MAN-Roland, KBA-Rapida, Polar, Stahl, Smyth, Jagenberg, Bobst, Kolbus, Muller Martini, Billhofer, Steinemann, W+D, F.L. Smithe, Halm, Stock, others.

Over the years more than 1000 units of equipment have been sold and delivered to the customers to 60 cities in 10 countries...

For buying and servicing of used equipment we have a trained and experienced technicians and a good partners in Europe and the USA. The main our founding partner is KG Klaus Paradowski GmbH company in Germany with more than 50 years of experience in reconditioning of the offset printing machines and good reputation over the world.

Let to fulfill all requirements of the customer we are selling new prepress and postpress equipment too and represent the following famous European companies:

prepress equipment:
Danagraf, STOMA;
postpress and converting equipment:
Kohmann, Busch, Foellmer, Gietz, EBA, Perfecta, Rapid, RENZ, Zechini, Sumbel, Bickel, K.Tranklein;
systems and devices:
Atlantic Zeiser, TRESU, Aeroterm, WEKO, Beil, Kersten;
equipment from China:
starting from the year 2000 we are selling inexpensive converting and finishing equipment from China: die-cutting, slitting and slotting machines, screen printing and varnishing machines, hot foil stamping presses and other.
We constantly follow our customer's needs and support them with a supply of materials, auxiliary equipment and spare parts.

Whatever your requirements, a single item or several machines, we will provide a professional service to undertake the whole project including searching of the machinery exactly for your needs, dismantling, packing and loading, transport and installation.

We would welcome the opportunity to assist you in selling or exchanging of your plant equipment. Whether you have something for sale or are planning the purchase of new equipment simple keep us informed.